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Current version of the application:   1.6New: Which new features would you like to see in Eng-Ger?
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Current date of the database:   2004-07-11

Eng-Ger for Palm OS® handhelds
- the English-German dictionary -

Main Features


  • Fast algorithm for searching the whole database
  • Supports the 320x480 displaymode of the Tungsten T3
  • About 50.000 different words
  • Translations and Expressions
  • Application and/or database can be stored on expansion cards (MMC, SD, CF, MemoryStick)
  • Application versions in English and German
  • Incredible low price

  • Palm OS® V3.0 or higher
  • 1526kB of free memory
    (54kB application &
     1472kB database)

Browse the dictionary

Screenshot On this screen, you can browse through the dictionary just like you would do with a paper version. Just enter the first characters of a word and tap the Goto-button. From there, you can browse up or down as you wish.

Search the dictionary

Eng-Ger has a very fast method to search the whole database for a word. Thus you can find all occurances, even within an expression. Screenshot

Created: 07-Jan-2001
Updated: 12-Jul-2004 by Ralf Zimmermann
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