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Amateur Satellites

AMSAT Phase 3-D Satellite

Starting 1994, I worked on the AMSAT Phase 3-D Satellite project. AMSAT is the "Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation", a worldwide group of Ham Radio operators who communicate through, or are just plain interested in Amateur Radio satellites. AMSAT members are also designing, constructing and operating satellites. The new Phase 3-D satellite, currently under construction, will be the biggest noncommercial satellite ever built.

As part of my studies, I first worked on the design of the momentum wheels needed for the attitude control of the spacecraft. Later on I took part in the design of a spin balancing machine for the spacecraft. This machine was designed and built by Bernd Ludewig and me. We spent the time between July '95 and March '96 in Orlando/Florida to work on that task.

P3DA short report about our work in Orlando (For the moment it is in German - sorry)

Due to my current professional work, I am not able donating my time to that project any more. Nevertheless, I am very closely connected to the people I met during that time.

Created: 1999-03-14
Modified: 1999-04-23